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* Please email a colour copy of your Blue Card to volunteer@public.church If you do not hold a current blue card, please download the application (above) and once completed please email to volunteers@public.church
A team descriptions document is available for download (above)
Public Volunteer Agreement
Volunteering in church life is a highly valued and important part of service to the church. The volunteer church workers agreement outlines the standards of behaviour that are expected for all volunteers at Public. I have received Christ as my Lord and Saviour and have been water baptised, or commit to being water baptised. I am in agreement with the church’s statements of faith, strategy and structure. I desire to join the church’s spiritual family and in doing so I commit myself to God and the other members to do the following: 1. I will protect the unity of my church by: ● Acting in love toward other members ● Refusing to gossip ● Following the guidance of church leadership 2. I will share responsibility of my Church by: ● Praying for its growth ● Inviting the un-churched to attend ● Warmly welcoming those who visit 3. I will participate in the ministry of the Church by: ● Attending church and small groups faithfully ● Returning The Tithe & giving regularly 4. I will serve the ministry of my Church by: ● Discovering my gifts and talents ● Being equipped to serve under my pastors ● Developing a servant’s heart I support the mission, vision, Biblical practices and doctrinal beliefs of the church. I make myself accountable to God and church leadership in all the above-mentioned areas and voluntarily join myself in the church’s spiritual family. Behaviour ● Will act in the best interests of those we serve. ● Must not be abusive in any way toward others, spiritually, emotionally, physically, or sexually, including domestic and family violence. ● Will avoid the use of offensive language (e.g. swear words, sexual connotations, and racial or religious slurs). ● Will exercise caution with all potentially addictive behaviours and/or harmful substances. Drunkenness is never acceptable. ● Will refrain from using any illicit substances. ● Will use caution when initiating or receiving physical contact with those we serve, including gestures of comfort as such gestures can be unwanted or misinterpreted. ● Will act with sexual integrity. Sex is a gift from God and integral to human nature. All inappropriate sexual behaviour is forbidden (e.g. sex outside of marriage). Sexual innuendo and harassment of a sexual nature are always inappropriate. ● Will report their concerns of abuse. ● Will communicate with integrity, including accountable and wise use of electronic communication. Confidentiality Trust is essential in serving the church. Confidential information must not be disclosed, and must be treated with the utmost are. Exceptions include when disclosure is required by law, abuse notifications whether required by law or not, there are concerns for the safety of the person or others, or when the information is in the public domain. Disclosure is a serious matter and the assistance of a church leader should be sought.
Public Volunteer Declaration
This declaration is part of our church’s commitment to ensuring our duty of care to all people. Consent to Hold Information I consent to the information contained in this application including the subsequent pages to be kept by Public Church. Declaration 1. I understand that the church operates in an environment of numerous legal and ethical restrictions, and I will fully cooperate with the church in abiding by these. I assure the church, in considering me for a volunteer role that: - I have no health impediment that will put me or any other person at risk in the fulfilment of my designated role. - Other than those matters disclosed to the current leadership of Public Church I know of no past behaviour that renders me unfit to serve as a volunteer or which detracts from the obligation of the church to operate as a place of safety to a minor or any other person. Such past behaviour may include being the subject of an allegation of sexual abuse (whether convicted or not), including any type of molestation, indecent exposure, sexual harassment or intimidation. 2. I understand that if I am unclear as to any of the statements in this document, I will seek clarification from a team leader or church leader before signing. 3. I have provided this information, and any documents accompanying it in good faith and declare they are true and correct to the best of my knowledge and belief. 4. I understand that any material misstatement in this questionnaire may render me as unfit to hold a particular role in the church. 5. I will respect the decision of my church as to where I volunteer my services within the church, and whether my services are required, from time to time. 6. I understand that a team leader will be available to me to discuss my service. 7. I will uphold the conditions and values listed on the Volunteer Church workers agreement (above).
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