Small things done with great love will change the world. And Christmas is the perfect time to do just that.

This year our High School’s Team has been facilitating a program for students that are trying to find their rhythm in the pressures of high school. In a short amount of time we’ve watched students starting to lift their heads and walk with a sense of purpose. They’ve found community and belonging as many of them have become part of our Public Youth family. And it doesn’t stop there...

Our Christmas project this year is for the students and families of Pimpama State Secondary College. We have the opportunity to make their Christmas a little more special by blessing them with gifts and supplies.

Your donation will go towards food supplies as well as providing a small gift for students in need. We’ve partnered with a local food bank on the north Gold Coast who will help facilitate our Christmas Project.

Thank you for being such a generous church because in opening our lives to others, we know in turn, it will open theirs to the love and message of Jesus.